Commercial Contracting
In this vast area of the law, business contracts and/or commercial contracts may cover the rights and duties of the purchase and/or leasing of equipment, bringing in employees/staffing to cover special projects, the relationship between a physical location and a landlord or property lease. Each contract can have an impact on whether you are properly covered for workmen’s compensation insurance in a given locale, and one must establish who can terminate and when one can terminate agreements along with establishing penalties. BGM Law knows that each of these details in each of these types of contracts need extensive planning and review. We ensure our clients are advised properly before finalizing such agreements.

We offer services such as:
-Litigating breach of contract issues
-Reviewing contracts for necessary provisions (ie: payment default, etc)
-Drafting contracts
-Collecting on unpaid amounts (ie: what is owed from contract)
Commercial Licenses
There is a wide range of commercial business licenses one might apply for, and a whole host of administrative protection needed to go alongside them. Whether your business is pursuing a liquor license, food and beverage licensing, or you need to dispute infractions of environmental violations, or you are ensuring a commercial kitchen is compliant with health regulations, BGM Law is prepared to take care of your business needs. We believe that specialty licenses are the bedrock of small businesses and so we make it our business to be prepared accordingly. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the details, we appreciate that it can be impossible for a business to survive. Truckers, for example, have specific licenses and safety regulations such as protecting drivers from overworking or chemicals being properly recorded and stored for application. The food industry, however, has regulations for proper refrigeration. Liquor licensing has the ability to be open specific hours. Each of these nuances have an impact on commercial licenses. We make a point to arm you with that knowledge, confirm you have the right kind of insurance and ensure that all necessary regulations are being considered.

able purpose, a business is not exempt from taxes and the IRS. A business entity must be established and organizations must obtain a solicitation license, though it is exempt from taxation by state or county. BGM Law helps you navigate each of those nuances and helps ensure that you are carrying out a charitable purpose as defined by the law.
We offer services such as:
-Setting up a business as an organization
-Filing 501 (c) 3 paperwork
-Assembling documents for solicitation licenses
Construction business advising is an area of law that is particularly close to the heart of Kelly Burchell, BGM’s founder and Principal. Because he has worked in the field of construction, along with most of his family, Kelly possesses a complete understanding of applicable laws, along with worksite processes and procedures. He and the BGM Law staff understand the differences between commercial and residential construction, and the comprehensive needs for OSHA safety regulations. Our staff can easily navigate the relationships between prime and sub construction and the delicate balance between the clients and subs and all the administrative regulations that sit on top. We know construction is a multi-flow type of business and special details such as environmental concerns. We find the appropriate personnel to work and deal with union contracts so that your construction business needs all come together.

We offer services such as:
-Handling equitable adjustment disputes
-We offer services such as:
-Appearing before admin oversight boards
-Handling government issued infractions
-Reviewing license and/or registration submissions to the government
Government Contracting
There are multiple layers and levels that can fall into the category of government contracting. BGM Law staff are all knowledgeable in relevant processes and procedures. Our attorneys are efficient at transferring skill sets from one situation to another. We understand how clients are dependent upon timelines so we provide assistance in following tihem. We know clients utilize documentation such as purchase requests, price requests, RFPs and FRQs and we make sure to work with clients on all those different areas so all actions are properly documented. We train clients on recommended record keeping and best practices of execution so they can be prepared. Our long-term clients are thrilled that when new situations arise they can simply hand files over to us and can hit ground running.

We offer services such as:
-Reviewing bids
-Handling contract disputes with subcontractors
-Contesting matters before applicable appeals board
While it might be a straightforward process to file articles of incorporation, business professionals often underestimate the needs for bylaws which ensure clear-cut business operating procedures. BGM Law prioritizes putting appropriate mechanisms in place from the beginning, to allow for disputes being properly resolved. Issues of income policies, appointment of managing officials and selection of agents are the kinds of circumstances often overlooked at the incorporation stage. BGM Law encourages and aids in the formation of these documents which are necessary for creating and maintaining a business. Having an attorney to review documents at the outset ensures all important processes are in place, procedures are covered and that the integrity of the company is protected. Most importantly, this firm will ensure that all necessary initial filings will be made to the appropriate government agencies.

We offer services such as:
-Drafting articles of incorporation and/or organization
-Assembling bylaws
-Filing necessary paperwork with local agencies for commercial licenses Nonprofits Establishing a nonprofit can be an unexpectedly complicated process. By designating a business as a nonprofit and having a charitsolving purchase and contract appeals -Assisting with zoning issues
Intellectual Property
This area of law protects the intangible rights of the creators. From trademarks to copyrighted documents and anything in-between, we work with clients to make sure that those items are properly protected and kept safe. We protect your trade secrets and other items developed internally in your business to ensure confidentiality.

We offer services such as:
-Filing trademark applications
-Submitting copywriter filings with library of congress
-Litigating infringement cases
Labor and Employment Law
It is important to BGM Law that we identify and relate to all areas that impact businesses. All businesses have basic employment needs such as a handbook, policies to resolve disputes with supervisors/employees, accommodations for disabilities and the like. Because BGM attorneys all have deep understanding of how a business is run, beyond legal expertise, we can relate to your internal practices and appreciate how situations may arise. To ensure that our firm has an intimate knowledge of how your business is run, the attorney will visit the worksite or office and meet with key staff. A BGM attorney will personally familiarize him/herself with your employees and build strong relationships. We aim to recognize completely the perspective of our clients in order to do our best work.

We offer management employment training so that supervisors can have a framework of duties and responsibilities in the work place.
We offer services such as:
-Resolving EEO and/or termination cases;
-Advising managers of duties and responsibilities regarding FMLA, HIPPA, and discrimination;
-Crafting employee handbooks.
In it’s truest form, litigation is simply resolution of disputes before a third party (judge arbitrator or committee). We believe that litigation should only be pursued as a last option. It is costly but can sometimes lead to great outcome. BGM LAw attorneys are thoroughly familiar with practices and procedures whether civil, administrative, or arbitration, whether federal or state/local. We have a wealth of experience in motions practice, discovery, depositions and trials.

We offer services such as:
-Motions practice
-Litigation of claims before judges and juries
-Handling complex discovery procedures
-Dismissing cases and claims before matters go to far
Mergers & Acquisition
There are complex issues with regards to combining businesses or assets. It can be a long-winded and detailed process to make sure everything is clean. With so many steps and details like establishing asset purchase agreements, the buying of tangible or intangible assets, combining stock there are many potentials for danger. BGM Law will cover all your M&A bases and advise you on the best path to make a purchase or merger. We make it a priority to confirm there are no conflicts with ownership or objections to transferring ownership. We do diligence to make sure all assets are clear and that all paperwork is properly drafted. No potential complication goes overlooked, and we make certain no items are unconsidered, so our clients will be fully protected. BGM Law ensures there is always a clean transfer of assets and we know that these kinds details are so important. Our staff takes care to thoroughly examine wording in documents, as we understand how insufficient protection can lead a purchaser to deal with unexpected complications and expenses. Towards the end of the process, we help ensure our clients taxes are set up properly. We gladly represent buyers or sellers.

We offer services such as:
-Acting as adviser to buyers or sellers
-Drafting agreements
-Negotiating terms
The rules for zoning in the District of Columbia have a number of incredible number of nuances. Many of which can change from one block to another. We’ve seen properties with long-established businesses and residents that attempt to be rezoned only to find out they were never properly zoned in the first place. Additionally the DC government can be inconsistent regarding which zoning laws they prioritize and enforce. And there are countless specific rules and regulations regarding historical preservations. BGM Law is armed and ready to help you with all of these situations so that your projects aren’t held up. We’ll help with research on your existing properties, and execute thorough due diligence so that future projects will move forward easily, without unexpected zoning complications.

We offer services such as:
-Advising on variances
-Checking current zoning permits
-Filing paperwork